Past Shows


9th May 2011

As the World of possibilities struggles to remain intact, what will you make believe?

Performed on 7th and 8th May 2010, at The University Church of St. Mary the Virgin, High St. Oxford.

Tightrope invited the audience to join us in ‘the citadel’ where the authority had banished all Make-Believe. In this barren land of the faithless, all those who visited for the night were asked to discover how the seeds of faith, music, science and fairytales could grow in a community that walked a fine line between safety and oppression, amongst which was woven a sad tale of a girl who had a story so absurd that no one would listen, let-alone believe her.

Cast & Team:

Lizzy McBain – Artistic Director
Tania Grillo – Performance Direction and Design
Izzie Martin – Script and Production
David Bannister – Musical Director
Diana Scrivener – Choreographer
Owen Evans – Lighting Designer
Photographer – Robert Viglasky

Dominika Akuszewska
Chelsey Burden
Paola Esposito
Blayne George
Nicola Harrison
Francis O’Neill
Nick Tingay
Anthony Turner
Merika Vine
Michelle Witen

Esha Neogy – Viol
Emma Park – Recorder
Irene Anderson – Recorder
Lydia Dougan – Recorder
Kathryn Corrigan – Recorder
Avalina Künzel – Soprano
Jane Goodenough – Alto
Matthew Silverman – Bass