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The Story Tailors

31st August 2015

“This is Isaac’s favourite activity at the festival!”

“We’re back again! I wanted to tell another story.”

“Seeing Tyler doing this and how much she is enjoying it, makes me think I should sign her up to a drama class.”

Two Story Tailors have travelled from afar bringing with them a tent of theatrical “wears”. They have dressed every character you have ever heard of; from the Queen of Hearts to Rumplestiltskin. They tell stories of old, gathered across time, but times are hard and people can’t afford characters anymore, so our Tailors need some new stories to tell. They need muses – people to dress up in their “wears” to give them inspiration for some new tales and characters.

The Story Tailors is a magical tent full of costumes, where children and families can dress up, play, invent characters and create stories together, facilitated by two professional actors. At the end of their time in the tent, participants will receive a commemorative photo of them and their story title.

The Story Tailors can be adapted to suit your event or as a starting point for story writing or drama in a school or learning setting. Most participants typically spend between 15-30 minutes in the tent, but many spend much more as the invention of stories is limitless.

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