Past Shows

Sobre O Caminhar

30th September 2009

An explorer discovers the garden and the endless and repetitive circle of time

Following Underconstrucution’s A Walk Between (2007), the company were reunited in Brazil in 2009, to redevelop the work for the gardens of Instituto Moreira Salles in Rio de Janeiro. A cast of six Brazilian performers was brought together to collaborate in a new reading of Italo Calvino’s Invisible Cities and interpret it for the new space.

Working over a period of three months, the cast brought their own stories to weave in to the pre-existing narrative of an explorer discovering the garden and the endless and repetitive circle of time. Accompanied by the Brazilian band Baile Convulsão with an original score, the characters walked through a place abandoned by time in a quest to complete their purpose and share their stories. The house at Instituto Moreira Salles was designed by Olavo Redig and its gardens by Roberto Burle Marx, Brazil’s most famous landscape designer. Completed in 1951 and initially the residence of the Moreira Salles family, the house is now a public cultural centre. Sobre o Caminhar was performed in the gardens as part of the centenary celebrations of the birth of Roberto Burle Marx.

Cast and Team:

Tania Grillo – Artistic Director
Lizzy McBain – Assistant Director

Renata Bastos
André Grabois
Julia Grillo
Tania Grillo
Tony Lima
Alexandre Mendonça
Lizzy McBain
Natalia Warth

For Baile Convulsão

Tiago Leite – Guitar
Michel Klejnberg – Guitar
Guilherme Lozinsky – Drums
Bruno Emílio – Bass