Past Shows

Hidden Spire

30th September 2015

Since 2012 UnderConstruction’s Artistic Director, Lizzy McBain, has worked as Creative Director for Hidden Spire, a collaborative project between Crisis and Arts at The Old Fire Station.

Hidden Spire brings professional artists and Crisis members together to create a performance using music, dance, theatre, visual arts and more. The two groups work together every step of the way and aim to produce an event which will stir, enchant, amuse and intrigue.

Everything from set design, script-writing and front-of-house is done as a collaboration between the artists and Crisis members. Hidden Spire isn’t just a production, it’s a process – it demonstrates the value and potential of having a public arts centre and resources for homeless people in the same building. Most importantly, it shows that excellent art and inclusive art can be the same thing.

To date we have created three productions exploring the themes of Hidden (2012), Chance (2013) and Transforming the Ordinary (2015), with the most recent resulting in the writing of a prequel to Shakespeare’s Tempest, called Before the Tempest.

Find more information about Hidden Spire here.